We believe in a community focused approach to organizing and funding social events. All payments drive the strengthening of relationships and building communities via shared experiences.


By joining an event on Commit, you're not only committed to the event, but also to the other joiners. Commitment and access to funds also encourages organizers to create more community-building events.


It should be easy, straightforward, and financially possible to organize events. That's why we work with organizers to ensure they have the interest and the funds captured in advance of the event.


How does Commit work?

The organizer creates a Commit describing the event and the interest necessary to make the event happen. Then, the organizer shares the unique link to invitees who can then join the event by committing to the event via the Commit platform. Attendees can also further share the link further to their network and community. Once the necessary amount of interest and funding is captured, the event organizer moves forward.

Can I see who else is going to an event?

Yes! Every Commit has an attendee list that shows everybody who is going! We're all about bringing together communities and making new friends.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can join an Commit?

Yes, the organizer can set a maximum number of people to join. After the maximum number of people joins the Commit, the organizer can choose to automatically close the Commit, allow subsequent users to join a waitlist, or to allow further users to continue joining the Commit until the funding deadline expires. Alternatively, the organizer can close a campaign at any time.

I joined a Commit - when will I be charged?

If there is no minimum threshold, you’ll be charged when you join the Commit. If the Commit has a minimum threshold, a hold may be placed on your payment method until the Commit reaches the amount necessary for the event to happen when you will be fully charged. You will not be charged unless the Commit achieves the minimum threshold amount.

Is there a service fee?

Yes, there is a service fee to cover payment processing. The fee may already be built into the price of the Commit depending on the organizer’s preference so you might not see it.